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Learn Chinese in Shanghai with Student Visa Supported
Semester Chinese Study Programs - 3 Days / Week


Want to learn Chinese for communication and business purpose,  but can't go to school every day?

Part time 12 is an essential Chinese course going 3 days per week, 4 lessons per day, to help you learn practical Chinese, at the same time, with a student visa supported. 

The program participants are taking 3 days of comprehensive class from 5 days, so participants of 3 days a week are advised to do more self study to catch up.

It is NOT available for beginner level since Jan. 1, 2018 and only available for applicants whose Chinese levels are of HSK5+

Program Benefits


• 2-12-Month Multi-Entry Student Visa Supports
• 12 Small Group Chinese Classes per week
• Monthly Culture & Business Activities
• Internship/Job Recommendation
• Certification of Completion by SBS University and SN Mandarin
• Flexible intake and start dates
• Nice and Affordable Accommodation available

Normal Semester Dates (Non-beginner can join from any Monday if there is a group of similar level)


1.March 6, 2023 - July 7, 2023 (2023 Spring)        

2.May 8 – Sept. 8, 2023

3.July 10 – Nov. 10, 2023

4.September 11, 2023-January 12,2024 (2023 Autumn ) 

5. Nov. 6, 2023 – March 8, 2024 

Length of Schooling and Visa Supports


One normal semester is around 18 weeks of study, (including national holidays) with documents to apply for student visa according to your duration of study. One standard semester is normally supporting visa around 160 days (X2 for less than 180 days); if you need a longer visa more than 180 days, please register more than 24 weeks.
You can also register by weeks according to your learning plan and target.

Program Tuition Pricing in RMB/USD


Program Options
Small Group Flexible 12Medium Size Group Flexible 16
Group Size

Averagely 6 students per group

Around 15 students per group

Every other month

Available to applicants of all levels

Only available two semesters per year, 

Spring & Autumn

Only available for applicants of HSK5+

Class Schedule

4 lessons/day, 3 days/week,

12 lessons/week (45 minutes/lesson

4 lessons/day, 4 days/week, 

16 lessons/week (45 minutes/lesson

Tuition/week for 2-4 weeks1200¥/ 180$ / 170€ /week 1280¥/ 190$ / 180€ /week 
Tuition/week for 5-11 weeks (X2 Visa)1080 ¥/ 160 $ / 150€ /week 1120 ¥/ 170 $ / 160€ /week
Tuition/12 weeks (X2 Visa)12,240 ¥/1,760$ / 1,660€11,200 ¥/1,680$ / 1.540€
Tuition/16 weeks (X2 Visa)15,360 ¥/2,210$ / 2,100€ -
Tuition/20 weeks 18,000¥/2,590$ / 2,450€ (X2 Visa)15,960 ¥/2,380$ / 2200€ (X1 Visa)
Requirements to get X 1 VisaNot available for X1 visa18 weeks of group class
Tuition for X1 Visa Semester------------15,960 ¥/2,380$ / 2200€ (X1 Visa)
Registration Fee

550¥/ 85$ / 75€ (X2-Visa: including admission and visa documents, non-refundable)

800¥/ 150$ / 120€ (X1-Visa: including admission and visa documents, non-refundable) 

Books & Materials150RMB-600RMB depending on how long to study, to pay upon starting class
Learning Achievement

Beginner to well finish and reach 

HSK2-3 in one semester

Progress from HSK5

Sample Program Calendar


Sample Daily Chinese Course Timetable


9:00-15:00 3 days a week, normally Mon. Wed. Fri.

The sample course schedules listed on website or price sheets are samples, the final course schedules are to be confirmed one month before class starts according to the enrollment and teaching arrangement. It might be all on mornings, or afternoons or alternately on mornings and afternoons. Final schedule will be sent once the schedule is confirmed, before the class starts.

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